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Dear Editor
I am writing to express my concerns about your recent article on ‘Educating Essex’. I completely disagree with your article which unfairly portrays an outstanding school in a biased and negative light. How can you blame a school which got a highest of four rating rate by Ofsted.
Firstly you suggest that teachers are being a negative influence for the students, by insulting the students by calling them ‘scumbags’ and swearing , which I understand could lower their self-esteem. In the documentary the swearing is light hearted relief between their work colleagues, which takes place in a private place not in front of the students, therefore I don’t see the negative influence. There is no evidence that the teachers swear in front of the students. We also see they are hard workers, why can’t they have some private jokes with their colleagues? Are you completely serious for every moments of everyday?
Furthermore you imply that there is lack of respect for the teachers, the students disobey and there is no control between the teachers and students. In the documentary it is clearly show there was a good bond among the staff and students. It’s a positive thing because students can have progress updates for the teacher they trust. It’s unfair to lead the positive relationship into a negative perspective. You judge the teachers for calling out names when the writer was doing that himself. You also insulated the student for asking what is pi? You suggest that this students silly for asking the question, you humiliate her for clearing her doubt. When the girl reading the article it may lower esteem. What is wrong in asking question?
On a similar note you have described bullying, teenage pregnancy and young girls caked with make-up at the school yet you gave very little evidence to support your claims. It’s unfair that you have pointed out ‘teenage pregnancy’ because you don’t give any statistics. Just because one girl gets pregnant at an early age therefore doesn’t make the school inadequate. You are generalising. Moreover it takes place out of school which teacher and school are not responsible. When they are not responsible they still taught sexual education in citizenship. You have used caked with makeup among 300 students only a few wear make to hide if they have any skin problem. How do you think that make is going to affect the learning? Wearing little make up cant distract you unless you thinking and caked with up like if you were going to party, however