Letter To Editor For Cell Phones

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Dear Editor, Do you have a cell phone? Or does your son or daughter or friend have a cell phone? I bet anything that they do and it seems like their whole life revolves around it. That seems to be the problem with the kids, teens, and even adults today. At all times of the day we have to be on our phones; texting, on social media, and pointless games that keep us from
doing what we are supposed to. It like we have to always need to know pointless information to get us through the day. Did you know that the average person checks their phones more than 110 times a day? To me I think that there are more important things to do than know who tweeted what or who broke up with who or anything else that is irrelevant and prevents me from doing homework or chores or something that is beneficial to my life and worthy of my time. As you may have began to notice, the time we spend on our phones, is starting to affect our social skills. Children and teens are starting to lack in social communication. Now a days with all of this social networking people don’t have to meet face­to­face anymore. One text can reach someone thousands of miles away in seconds. Social networking such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and plain old texting allows you to use abbreviations and emojis that you can send to someone without them knowing how you really feel. With all of this new and enhanced technology that we can spend hours on at a time, is damaging our social skills. For example last weekend my friend and I had a bunch of people come over. At first we were playing and messing around outside, but then someone asked someone else to put music on and thats when it started. When my friend went on her phone to put on music but was quickly distracted from all of the tempting apps. When that happened we somehow all ended up on our phones for three hours! When my mom came home and saw us all in the garage, she said “This is insane” and took all of our phones and put them in a basket by the front door so who ever checked their phone first had to leave. We sat there miserably for about 10­15 minutes and then we started talkingfor about five more hours until we gave up and everyone went home. We are also lacking in social skills when talking to adults. Since we are not behind a screen we find it difficult to function and talk to a real life human being, in person. From what I’ve seen when students or teens talk to teachers or adults they get a little anxious or try to impress who ever is around them and then they just pretend that they are just talking to their friends and it comes off as offensive or rude to the adult and we don’t understand why because social media
has taken over the way we think. Our generation has now been better know as the “heads down generation.” If you can imagine why? It’s because everywhere you look; the beach, the mall, Wawa, playground, sidewalk, and maybe even at your house, there is someone using some form of technology. Its like before we can do anything productive today, lets spend two hours on our phones or laptops or iPads and search through pointless information, learn every