Types Of Writing A Letter To Normandale Community College

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Carlos Montoya

April 17, 2014

Kari Fisher
Normandale Community College
9700 France Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55413

Dear Ms. Fisher:

When I first started typing papers at the beginning of this semester, my structure was really off, I would automatically go and result to typing a five paragraph format. I also would almost always have run on sentences and never really used periods which was a problem. Instead of using periods to end a sentence I would use a comma. As I had a friend peer review my papers she would always point this out, which was really helpful because I clearly did recognize what I was doing wrong. The most difficult thing in this class for me, was learning how to use citations and doing them correctly. At my old school they never taught us how to use them or told us that they were important. This was definitley a struggle when I transfered schools and then came to Normandale because it seemed like everybody around me already knew how to use them. This class however, has given me a better understanding of citations and how to use them.

As I briefly mentioned above, I had a peer help me with editing my papers. There were a few things she really helped me learn about my writing this sememster, one, as I talked about above, was my constant use of runon sentences. She pointed out each and every runon so I could see exactly what I was doing wrong. I laughed at myself a lot when she pointed out sentences that lasted trhee to four lines. Another thing she helped me with was paraphrasing and citing