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Letter to GSW 1110 “GOOD”
This is to clarify what seems to be a misunderstanding in the expectations of essay writing at the college level. Because every essay is given three grades, each component of the essay will be discussed.

Process work_ Process work is REQUIRED. Think of it as homework that is not graded dailybut becomes a very important part of the finished product.The process work was to include:
Lists – Contain the original sorting of ideas that the writer generates while thinking about the topic. The original list should generate other lists based on ideas that surfaced in the original list
Map(s) – Maps are not simply lists in a different form, but a “map”, outline, of how the paper will develop and the basic specifics of what it will contain.
Rough drafts _ There were to be two that were be reviewed by someone other than you, and EACH was to be revised for the final paper.

All of these steps are necessary to produce a well written, substantive paper.

Grammar and Format Format should be perfectly done in MLA because our first paper was about this. There are settings on the computer that will generate an M:A style paper so there can be no reason for mistakes. Grammar includes: punctuation, sentence structure, and other facets of word useage. While it is true that not all punctuation has been reviewed in classw, it is inexcusable to make punctuation errors on the four main sentence structures that were explained fully.

Content The content grade is