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In any society, whether ancient or modern, the direct interaction between humans is a pressing need. Coffee, energy drinks and soda seem to be one of the most useful means of communication nowadays. Those caffeine-contained beverages can satisfy users’ thirsts, generate excitement for human nervous system, and have an exotic attraction of all matter in any social status or any religion. Caffeine is introduced to people’s lives through rituals, every day habits, and culture. The more of those beverages we consume every day, the deeper caffeine is ingrained in our interaction, groups, and organizations. In the video, doctor O’Brien has discussed about caffeine disorder use. He explains that caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system and can cause physical dependence if use regularly because users show withdrawal symptoms once quitting it. Therefore, caffeine has all the technical qualifications to be considered a drug, but the effects are minor to be viewed as a drug. There are massive advertisements and marketing about coffee, energy drinks or soda everywhere. That is how we caffeine has been accepted and introduced to our society. I first thought that coffee was just drinks that people used to interact and communicate with each other. In Ethiopian culture, however, coffee plays an important part. Ceremony coffee is considered a ritual that is carried out at anytime of the day to show respect and friendship among many villages in Ethiopia. Moreover, when friends, family members or co-workers meet up for drinks, most people would choose coffee or sodas to start a communication. Therefore, we can see that caffeine is not just something people drink in, but it is a symbolic day-to-day social custom in some cultures. There are some habits that we cannot live without because we do them every single day. Consuming caffeine such as coffee, energy drinks or sodas is surprisingly a routine in most people’s lives. In the morning, I would see a scene of caffeine containing drinks on everyone’s hands either going to work or school. It becomes their energy boost for the day because of how caffeine works. In the late 1600’s, coffeehouses turned out to be important items in Europe because people suggested “ideas do not come from a lone genius working in a lab as often as they come from interactions between geniuses”. They are where erudite people with different interests and passions meet to exchange ideas and discuss about various subjects. “One could even argue that coffee was the drink that brought the Enlightenment to Europe” (eVenues). That is how caffeine started to be incorporated into interaction between people in society. Culture is the beliefs, way of life, and customs that are shared and accepted by people in a particular society. The number of caffeine consumption in people seems to increase as if there is a wider access to stimulant drinks. People still consume these