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To the Parents of Alayna:

Hello, my name is Jasmine . I am a junior at Blue Springs High School. I am sixteen years of age and I’ll be working with your daughter Alayna. I am in Mrs. Beck’s third hour class. I am a babysitter for friends and family. I am extremely happy to work with Alayna because she is a very kind and interesting person. My future plans after I graduate high school is to enter the military as a Navy Seal.
I chose to work with Alayna because she has an outstanding personality, she is fun-loving, energetic, playful, and she is kind and humble. I enjoy working with her so far because she is so happy and silly. She is going to be a great person to work with because she is very smart and knows many things. I have noticed that she is kind of shy when it comes to activities but she is warming up to all of the other kids and she enjoys talking to other children now. She loves to play with playdough and baby dolls. When I come into the classroom each day she is playing with Barbies and the Barbie houses. She’s so happy when she is playing with the magnetic toys and mazes. I've noticed that Alayna’s speech is improving since she has been around the other children. I think it is wonderful that she can explain to me and show me many of the things she knows how to do and that she knows her name.
My theme for this semester is Fall. I will be teaching all of the students leaf math, counting using pumpkins, crafts, how to write their names and hold the pencil