Government Not A Wise Spender

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Government, not a wise spender
Dear Sir/Madam,
Australians are blessed with abundance in life so how about we share it and make this world into a better and cheerful place. Australia, being a developed country with wealth and complete fairness should strongly reconsider its needless government spending.
Being a first world country, Australia does not face any major problems compared to issues faced in third world countries such as Kenya, Iran and Pakistan. As we all know and are aware that poverty is a greater issue in our modern society compared to not having a big and stylish Lamborghini or not enough money to buy alcohol or makeup.
Looking at the Australian budget there are several unnecessary spending and wasting of resources on fulfilling wants compared to people’s needs of people in third world country. Roughly $13.5 billion can be used for a good cause compared to wasting the resources we have. Australia being an active member in the United Nations makes several promises on helping the disadvantaged whereas in reality it fails to see the loopholes in its government spending.
Is $8.6 million worth spending on just advertising? The Australian government spends more than $8.6 million on advertising while campaigning. It is clearly inhuman to spend such a large amount just on an advertisement whereas it could be used to save an entire village in underdeveloped countries. Not only saves their life but also brings a huge smile and happiness into their life. Spending on advertisements later becomes a competition and increases stress, then why do not we spend that money on saving a life’s and spreading happiness instead of sadness and stress.
Would the tax payers of Australia be happy if three hundred thousand dollars were spent by the government on to research and develop new beers with distinctive and desirable new flavours, would you rather like if the government used that money to provided fresh and clean drinking water to underdeveloped countries? It is heartless if we believe new flavoured beer is