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Dear Editor:

A college education is most definitely worth the price. We are living in an entirely new era of technology where any idea can be transformed into a product sold within months on the shelves of Wal­Mart. Although this has proven to be advantageous to society in numerous ways, it has raised the standard of education globally, and has led us to compete with China for white­collar jobs in our own country. Studies have proven that attending higher education has become more vital to success down the road, as Strikwerda points out­­ “the unemployment rate for college graduates is half the national average” ­­exemplifying even further the importance of at least a Bachelor’s.
In order to uphold this opinion, I have come up with a theory: Education is, and forever will be, progressing and changing. Think back to the pre­Edison days, where fifth grade was a privilege­­ all available hands were needed on the farm, regardless of your preferences. Today, in our flourishing cities, you need seven more years in order to be considered minutely successful.
Although it is likely many before me have thought this same theory, I am convinced it is true. In the future, a bachelor’s degree will replace a GED, and a masters degree will become the new norm, just as progressions have been executed in the past. Luckily, we’re well on our way already. What used to be considered additional education, is now considered requisite education, and it won’t go back. It’s simply those few extra years that change everything; our life spans are longer thanks to education, and these will only continue to grow. Many of us might not even see our retirement funds because of all these