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In an article in the New York Times: Schools for Rich and Poor by Judith Kafka June 12, 2012.
The article is about Poor children living in poor communities that do not have access to the same educational opportunities as their wealthier peers. The article transitions to Mitt Romney’s stance; even though he is open to allowing poor students to attend any public or private school of their choice he feels it will likely do little to rectify the problem. The author does take a side stating “If we really want to achieve educational equity, we should focus our efforts on sending poor, middle-class and wealthy children to the same schools”. The article entails the effect that the social-economical divide has on education. At the end of the article the writer affirms the separation in class. “In most of the country, school district boundaries are closely linked to property values”. Those who can afford to live in a more expensive neighborhood know that the exclusivity of their local schools helps maintain their investment.
In the letter to the editor from Neha Sampath opinion differs from the article. “It would be an oversimplification to think just having poor and rich children going to school together would be a panacea for the problems facing socioeconomically disadvantaged children”. Wealthier children do better not just because of schools and PTA resources, but because of the atmosphere they are surrounded by from the moment of birth.
Whether it is early reading…