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Arun Saini
Mrs. Urie
AP English Lit Letter to the Editor Dear Editor, I have a lot to say about your “so­called” controversial ad. Looking at your piece, I see numerous of grammar mistakes (no offense), incompetent facts and irrelevant remarks on our schools financial and academic system. Contrary to your popular belief, our schools have not
“failed” everyone nor teachers nor students, coming from Simi Valley High School myself.
Despite our nationalism against Royal, we still consider that high school to be one of the best schools in Ventura County. In my own opinion, I can say that Simi Valley schools do not suck.
Why? The reason being that there are many students who are excelling in advanced level classes and over sixty percent of students have GPAs higher than a 3.3. As I was reading your article, I pointed out many errors in terms of facts and accusations.
One, schools DEFINITELY did not install solar panels, not plants, on student playgrounds. Also, high schools and middle schools do not have playgrounds. We installed solar plants over parking lots, despite the fact Santa Susana High School put theirs on top of their lawn. Another statement that I consider wrong is how teachers are getting paid. You say that they are not getting paid enough, I beg to differ. I know plenty of teachers who have been teaching for over a decade and are getting paid well over the average salary, which is $45,000 a year. And, one majorly false statement right under your font size 72 incoherent title that bright students migrate to other school districts. I had never come across a bright student who