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Richard Harrison
721 Brownstone Avenue

October 3, 1787

Mr. George Washington
Mount Vernon

Dear Mr.Washington, My name is Richard Harrison. I am writing to inform you of my opinion of the ratification of the United States Constitution that the 55 delegates wrote in Philadelphia. Without the ratification of the Constitution, citizens will not have rights and the country will face even more problems than usual.

The rafification will benefit and help all Americans. With the Constitution, the separation of powers, the the three branches, each representing a aspect of the American people , will protect the rights of Americans. With the Constitution set in place, it would create a stronger central government that included a Congress with the power to tax, a President who would act as the nation’s chief executive, and a national court system. Mr Washington, you have already seen the chaos that broke out during the time in which the Articles of Confederation were in use. The unity of the the entire nation was tested during that time. Those strings were pulled tightly and if the
Constitution is not completely ratified, those strings will certainly break. You cerntainly know Mr. Washington know that if the Constitution isn't put into place soon, the government will become powerless once again and rebellions such Shay's Rebellion will occur on a larger scale, all across the nation.

Mt. Washington I urge you to think about the Bill of Rights we are in so much desperate need of! The Constitution must have a Bill of
Rights or we might as well not ratify the Constitution, not being better off than before. Citizens need the rights of religion,speech, press and serveral others.
Without a