Essay on Letters To Literature; Soujourner Truth's "Ain't I A Woman"

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Dear Ms.Truth, Your piece of literature titled, “Ain't I A Woman” made me realize many things about the world and myself that I have never noticed before. This speech helped me realize the amount of prejudice actions and views that occurred and are somewhat still occurring today. Not only is racial discrimination taking place, but on top of that, prejudice views against women still continue to this day. Both of these forms of discrimination are very vicious and cruel and breed a cycle of hatred and ignorance. No matter how many people present facts and proof that all men are equal there will always continue to be hatred and inequality among mankind. As a result of reading your piece of literature I came to a conclusion about myself - that I am as equal as the next man and moreover, that I can possess qualities greater than that of the next man. I realized that I deserve equality or better yet, that I shall insist on being treated equally and shall always demand the same respect as that of any other soul walking the face of the earth no matter their race, gender or occupation in life. Another realization I made was that I need to announce my support for equality allowing others that feel the same yet too timid to express so, can bravely voice their beliefs and can too, demand their fair share in experiencing this thing called life. Additionally, I now believe that I need to stand up for those who are not treated as they deserve to be treated, those that may never defend themselves, for maybe it is my destiny in some way, to be the voice of others standing hidden in their own shadows. As I was reading your speech, I was extremely surprised at how emotionally connected I was to your various moving passages. I have read pieces similar to yours before, for example, Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have A Dream Speech”, but for some reason, your speech touched me as if your words were a direct