letting go Essay

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Suddenly everything had come to a complete stop as we were interrupted by a phone call from my mom. As Ryan answered my phone and started talking, his expression drastically changed. The look of fear approached his face and his eyes slowly filled with tears. After a short but intense conversation, he hung up the phone in shock and would not say a word. His eyes where puffy from the tears he shed while talking on the phone. I looked to him and asked curiously, “What is going on? Is everything ok?” Panic had struck my body as I could sense something terrible was going on. What seemed to be minutes slowly ticked by without an answer from Ryan. The thought that something was wrong ran wild; Ideas flooded my head about every possible situation that could be going wrong. Cautiously I turned and asked, “Is something wrong with my grandpa?” Finally after a few seconds of gathering his thoughts and wiping away his tears, Ryan turned to me and told me the horrifying news, my grandfather was in the hospital and he was dying.
I’ll never forget that phone call. It seemed as though everything in life had come to a complete stop. My mind couldn’t seem to grasp the idea my grandpa was actually dying. I felt as if my body was paralyzed. I just stood there with a blank look on my face. I had no reaction at first and wanted to deny it, I kept thinking it was all a mistake. Questions kept coming to me and I wanted answers, I wanted to know why he was dying. I kept saying to myself, this couldn’t be happening; he is only 62 he is too young to be dying. I sat in complete shock as tears flooded my face. The whole time I thought to myself, “I hope I can make.” All I wanted to do was see him one last time.
Trying to calm myself and put on a brave face, Ryan and I made our way to the car for our journey to the hospital. The car ride felt like hours. I kept asking Ryan, “What happened to him? Why is this happening?” Ryan did not have an answer for any of my questions. All he said was, “I do not know, the conversation I had with your mom was to short and that your mom had just gotten to the hospital.” None of this made any sense to me.
When we finally reached the front doors of the hospital, Ryan asked me, “Do you want me to come in with you?” The only thing I really wanted was to see my grandpa one last time. I told Ryan to leave and go back with his family. After Ryan left I sprinted into the hospital and only stopped at the front desk to see where my grandpa was located. I told the secretary at the desk his name; she looked at me confused and told me that he was not in the hospital records. That