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Re: Case Study

Subject: Creating the Best Super Bowl Ad (Beats By Dre)
Target Market: The target market for the Super Bowl has evolved incredibly since a decade ago. Women are now being targeted because while men watch the Super Bowl they enjoy watching the commercials as well. There is no disclaiming that some women are watching the Super Bowl for the game, but for most the commercials are the only thing that make that night tolerable. For the Super Bowl I believe for creating the best advertisement you will have to focus on males; specifically males, ages 18-40, with an income of $20,000-$75,000.
Price of the product is rather steep for a pair of headphones, but the demand for the product is still there. As a company they have offered many different products for someone with a smaller income to someone who can be a little more frivolous with their money. The Product is desired by many because the demand the high quality sound for traveling, training (working out), and/or producing music. The line of products put out by Beats By Dre are studio quality and you should expect nothing less for what you are paying. Places people look for your products are electronic stores. Promotion, we will be trying to reach our audience by television. I believe advertising during the Super Bowl can increase sales and increase the companies value of stock. There are not very many companies that compete with Beats By Dre because of the high quality of their products. Bose is the only company that comes to my mind that can compete with Beats By Dre. Personal selling could be done outside of the Super Bowl Arena in a tent along with all of the other festivities. The real advertising is done during the Super Bowl. The idea that I had when I started this project is to sell for a limited time Beats By Dre headphones customized for your favorite NFL team, exclusively at a specific few stores. You could directly market to the fans of the NFL by sending out a direct email handing out flyers to those few that actually attend the Super Bowl festivities. I think one way for you to use sales promotion is if you are an NFL Network subscriber you could receive a 10% off coupon or something to that effect. For public relations you could do a facebook and twitter blast a few weeks before hand and do press release displaying all 32 teams.
Strengths: The huge selling point for this product is marketing towards the wants of NFL fans. Well known brand name, high performance product, and distributed around the world.
Weakness: The biggest weakness is cost of product. The price range for a product by Beats By Dre is $100-$600.
Opportunity: A huge opportunity to market to sports fans and utilize popular athletes and artists for their line of products. Eminem already sponsors Beats By Dre, imagine advertising Eminem with star NFL athletes, Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning, Reggie Bush, LeSean (Shady) McCoy, etc.
Threats: Biggest threats against the company is unauthorized or counterfeit products. There are so many counterfeit products out there its becoming a highly utilized market. Beats By Dre has a link on their website to help spot and protect their customers from buying frauds. The only problem is that customers are buying these products, not because they are much cheaper, but because they are customized to fit what they want.
One recommendation is that Beats By Dre makes an NFL line of products that showcases the NFL’s 32 teams and represents them well. I believe that this would take off so fast, because they are focusing their product towards millions of fans who love to support their teams. There are so many illegal companies selling headphones like this that need to be shutdown. Beats By Dre needs to realize that they are missing out on a huge business opportunity. They also need to find a way to shut down these illegal websites. Plus, when a company buys airtime during the superbowl the companies stock. “The real reason that companies are