Essay on Level 2 Paediatric Emergency First Aid

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Paediatric Emergency First Aid

20 pages 1.1 Identify the responsibilities of a paediatric first aider.

I should aim to preserve life, prevent the condition worsening, and promote recovery.

Responsibility Description
-Remain calm at all times Appear confident and reassuring
-Conduct a scene survey Assess the situation without Endangering my own life.
-Conduct a primary survey Identify and assess the extent of the
Illness, injury or condition of the casualty.
-Attend to the needs of other Ensure their safety and manage children or bystanders behaviour.
-Send for medical help Ambulance, police or emergency rescue services (as a first aider, I should always stay with the casualty and send
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an empty medicine bottle beside an unconscious child). * Listen to information form others (e.g. other children telling you what happened). * Smell anything unusual (e.g. gas or other fumes)
When conducting a scene survey, you must consider: * Whether I or the casualty are in any danger (e.g. if the building is on fire) * If the casualty has any lie-threatening conditions (e.g. not breathing) * If any bystanders can help you (e.g. other children or colleagues) * Whether you need to call for further assistance (e.g. ambulance, police or rescue services).

Conducting a scene survey helps the first aider to assess the seriousness of the situation and decide on the priorities for action. It also assist in deciding what further help, if any, is required, If there is more than one casualty, then the first aider needs to prioritise treatment, deal with the most serous first and remember that the quietest casualty often needs the most help.
In calling for help, the first aider must decide what help is required and how to send for help, some situations may involve sending for emergency services such as ambulance, police or fire and rescue. Other situations may need the assistance of another adult, a colleague, manager or supervisor.

2.2 Demonstrate how to conduct a primary survey on an infant and child.
Once I have conducted a scene survey and decided on your priorities, then a primary survey will provide a more detailed assessment of the