Level 3 Award IN Education And Training Essay

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Level 3 Award IN Education and Training - Mark Kendrick
Unit 1 Understanding Roles Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training
Question 1
1.1 Main Role and responsibilities as a teacher/trainer in education and training
The main role of a teacher/trainer should be to teach in a way which engages learners and actively engage learning during every lesson irrespective of the environment. In my position as IT manager at Barnsley College there are roles and responsibilities that are set to facilitate personal and organisational goals the same can be said for teaching and learning. As a teacher/trainer I will need to be able to adapt my style of teaching by being a friend, counsellor, mentor to ensure that my learners are
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This is so that there are no differences between the needs of the teacher and any other professional and that the learner remains supported as much as possible throughout the lifetime of the learning activity.
In order to meet the needs of learners it is important that an initial assessment is carried out and that the level and abilities of the learner are identified. This assessment may reflect the fact that they require additional support for learning difficulties or because they require translation services from a professional as English may be an additional language for the student. In the event that the student may benefit from internal or external support an appropriate referral may be made, when the referral has been made it is up to the relevant professional/trainer or support worker to complete their own assessment and meet with the student. I would work with the other professionals involved to ensure that relevant information is shared and that those responsible for different aspects