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CU1080: Developing and Improving the Customer Service Process

F/600/0660 Level 3: 7 Credits

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Your job role (if applicable):
Main organisation:
(This will either be the organisation the Learner is employed by or, if the Learner is not currently employed within the Customer Service sector an organisation they are familiar with.)

Reason for choosing this organisation:


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Assessment Guidance

It is expected that the majority of learners who will be undertaking this qualification will be employed, possibly part time, within a customer service role in an organisation. The expectation is that learners will choose to complete this workbook in the context of their own job role. This method should allow learners to access the material required with ease and utilise the information in the workbook as evidence against a competence-based qualification where appropriate. However, it is necessary for an understanding to be developed that customer service methods will vary significantly in different types of organisation.

There is, however, no requirement that learners are employed in order to undertake this qualification and where this is the case it is vital that they gain knowledge and understanding of how customer service works in different organisations through case studies etc.

Although it is expected that in, the main, the workbook will be contextualised to one organisation that the learner is familiar with, there is no absolute requirement for all questions to be answered in relation to that one organisation. In particular, learners may find that some questions may not be relevant to their own organisation. Where this is the case, it is perfectly acceptable to answer in relation to a different organisation. It would be helpful for the assessor/tutor that the organisation involved is noted on the appropriate page.

The personal development plan must be completed on separate sheets of paper and attached to the workbook.

The final grade for this assignment will be pass or fail, there is no further grading. To achieve a pass, learners must complete the requirements of the assessment criteria, which are noted clearly by each task. Further information is included in the mark scheme.

Learners must complete the workbook task individually.
Customer Service QCF Level 3 Unit F/600/0660 Workbook

Developing and Improving the Customer Service Process

Learning outcomes:

(1) Explain how customer feedback can improve the customer service process

(2) Describe the process of promoting products and services

(3) Explain the importance of effective teamwork and the monitoring of performance.


(1) Think about how your organisation evaluates their customer service experience to continuously improve.

1(a) Identify a change that has been implemented recently.

1(b) Describe the benefits to the organisation.

1(c) Describe the benefits to the customer.

Assessment Criterion: 1.1 Describe the benefits of evaluating the customer service experience
(2) Consider the techniques that are used/could be used in your organisation for monitoring customer service delivery. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three different options.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Assessment Criterion: 1.2 Describe and compare a range of techniques used in monitoring