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The Theory of Level Five leadership firstly brought up by expert on high performance organization-Jim Collins who is a famed American business consultant in the field of sustainability and growth for companies. Level Five leaders integrate ambitious willing and modest personality that promote corporations from good to great that the “success formula” reveals culture overrides competence. Collins overthrows charming and possessing of the CEOs. Research through years emphasizes that getting the right people on the bus (wrong people off the bus) is the prior thing for Level Five leaders to fulfill. Compared with the four levels that are contributed by Collins, Level Five leaders possess ability of eliminating nepotism and ignoring family ties which are counterintuitive and countercultural. According to (Johns, 2011),Business Development Bank of Canada set training program to assess and blossom employees that in the Level Five Leadership scenario it concerns the culture of the organization override the competence to empower and develop personnel. Especially in a globalized corporation, such as Bonnie Brooks- the president of Lane Crawford Joyce Group represents duality, savvy as wells as unbridled inquisitiveness to function effectively in variety of cultures, language and economic factors. In the article of (Collins, 2005), Darwin Smith reveals the traits that Level Five leader possessing: Humility plus professional will by selling mills from Kim Berly-Clark which associated with servant leadership in (Johns, 2011)-going beyond self-interest and holding a cordial concern to serve the organization and motivate