Level I Fieldwork Experience

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One general value of the Level I Fieldwork experience in a physical disabilities setting is that it is meant to help me become accommodated to its demands so that I can succeed in a Level II Fieldwork in this setting. For example, I was able to practice taking vitals along with doing some goniometry measurements. Also, I was able to practice intervening during treatment sessions through the use of contact guard and verbal cues. In addition, I was able to observe many evaluations of clients with various diagnoses; therefore, I’ve learned what to expect and what to look out for when performing an evaluation of a client with a particular diagnosis along with its precautions.

Another general value of this Level I Fieldwork experience is that it helps me to be extra mindful of the details when using clinical reasoning to determine the appropriate treatment for clients receiving occupational therapy services. Although I am a strongly observant person, at moments I did not pay attention to little details which could become important when determining the level of assistance in activities of daily living, since these were the primary occupations that my supervisor focuses on at the facility. These details include knowing the steps to perform a task, such as putting on a pair of pants. For example, when I determine that a client may need minimal assistance (Min A) for this task, my supervisor may input that the client may need supervision. It is as if I am closely analyzing a 35 second scene in a movie in which I can only view once. Every second counts when addressing clients’ needs in order to
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Even though I know that occupational therapists perform the evaluation and occupational therapy assistants perform treatment plans, only, occupational therapy assistants also document sessions and perform assessment tools under the supervision of occupational