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1.1 Levels of Government and their responsibilities

Local authorities
Local authorities are a huge service provider to benefit the local community. The council’s main roles are to either provide services directly to the public, or arrange others to do so, for example collecting the rubbish bins. Most of these services affects the daily lives of the local people, the duties of the local authorities vary across the UK however the main roles/responsibilities are; environmental health, roads and transport, housing, education and emergency planning, however they do not have the power to act upon most off these issues and are genuinely overseen by the county council.
County council The county council have similar roles and responsibilities to the local authorities however unlike the local authorities, the county council can enforce ‘some’ actions on the local areas, however other issues that need action may need to go to the government to get the permission to act upon it. Although the county council do have some roles/responsibilities such as; Roads and transport, environment, education, emergency services, jobs and housing and communities.
Metropolitan council
The metropolitan council have the roles to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by members and co-opted members of the council. Another role is assisting and advising the code of conduct held by the council. The council will also have to deal with the local assessment of complaints.
Regional assemblies
The regional assemblies are responsible for developing and monitoring and reviewing regional planning and transport strategies, they also have housing priorities however can only make recommendations in their area. They also provide a voice for the regions in parliament and European level. They are also accountable for the monitoring the work in the regional development agencies.