Levels Of Life Worksheet

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Levels of Life Worksheet

Complete all three parts of this worksheet.

Part I: Atomic Structure – Fill in the missing information on atomic structure and organic compounds.

|Atomic Structure |
|Subatomic Particle |Charge |Location in an Atom |
|Proton |Positive |Nucleus |
|Neutron |Neutral |Nucleus |
|Electron |Negative |Outer-Shell |

|Organic Compounds |
|Large Biological Molecule |Atoms it Contains |Monomer(s) |Function(s) in Living Organisms |
|Carbohydrates |C, H, and O |Monosaccharides |Source of energy |
|Lipid |C, H, and O |Glycerol and fatty acids |Cushion and insulate organs; builds cell |
| | | |membranes |
|Protein |C, H, O, N, and S |Hemoglobin and enzyme |Helps chemical reactions, provides support |
| | | |and structure, provides transport within |
| | | |bodies and provides movement of body |
|Nucleic acid |C, H, O, N, and P |RNA and DNA |Stores and transmits genetic information |

Part II: Characteristics of Living Organisms – Seven characteristics distinguish an object or thing from an actual living organism. All seven characteristics must be present simultaneously for something to be considered living. Fill in the remaining characteristics in the following table.

|Characteristics of a Living Organism |
|1. Order – exhibit complex but ordered organization. |
|2. Regulation- Organism can internally adapt to