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Diagnostic Response Paper

On the 2011, LZ Granderson published an article where he states his opinions on young girls dressing too suggestively. The writer of this piece outlines that it is their girls’ parents’ faults that they are dressed like “tramps” because they are the ones buying them push-up bras and Lulu Lemon sweatpants. While the author states that the parents are to blame, I believe that they are not the people that should be under the spotlight. After reading this article, I came up with the conclusion that the media (i.e. ads) is to blame for the clothing habits of young girls today.

When I ask myself why these girls dress like tramps, my first thought does not go to the parents of said females, but to the media and advertisements around the young child. This is because these girls see advertisements of suggestive clothing AND AFTER, they ask their parents to get that piece of clothing. The media and ads are what are starting this vile trend and this would no longer be an issue if preteens were cut off from this bad influence. When you walk with your daughter on a downtown street, there are many advertisements on billboards and buildings that will attract a lot of attention. Some of these are advertisements for clothing, such as bras and tight jeans. When girls see this, they turn to their parents and ask them if she can have that nice bra or shirt.

When these little girls turn on the TV to watch their favourite show, they are bombarded with ads 3, maybe even 4 times during the hour that she spends watching it. These advertisements include the newest Victoria’s Secret lingerie and/or Abercrombie’s push-up bras that create cleavage from nothing.

When girls see this, what do you think they say?

Obviously, they would see these commercials with these beautiful women (keyword: women) and ask themselves, why don’t I look like that?

Because every channel on cable TV bombards us with advertises, such as the ones mentioned above, these