Levi's: Gender and Paper, the Role Feminism

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Fashion development and feminism movements.
Reinforce or counteract?

1. Explain why topic is important?
Clothing as a form of symbolic change was no doubt important in 2 waves of feminism movements in the past two centuries .As a means of expressing personal character and social identity about the wearer,the trend of clothing,accessories,footwear,make-up refers to women’s attitudes towards this age.
As a matter of fact, fashion development are inseparable from female liberation, furthermore,it can be seen as a symbolic success of feminism movement.In this present paper,the role feminism plays in fashion evolution is investigated.It is hypothesized that fashion and feminism are always supportive and reinforce of each other. The following three literature reviews attempt to illustrate and support this hypothesis.

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Diana Crane claims that women’s clothing behavior as nonverbal resistance assist the feminist movement.在女权萌芽之前,女人的服饰是十分单一的。In the early 18世纪,即使穿着loose-fitting jackets,也被认为是十分另类的。而女人穿裤子的禁令一直到19世纪初才被解除。由于受到 the first World War,的影响, 第一波的feminism 开始萌芽,越来越多的女性开始穿着男装包括裤子和夹克,尽管 trousers were particularly controversial in the nineteenth century.(cited 112). 但是,穿男装的潮流借着第一次工业革命带来影响迅速发展起来——女性需要成为生产力的一部分。Dress-reform movements were same evident in china when it comes to 19世纪前中期,Photographs reveal that,女性以穿男装为荣,因为以参加劳动和革命为荣。有趣的是,虽然此时women who wore the costume attracted huge crowds,which were generally male and often hostile (same as in China).这段时间的中国女性地位几乎是达到了近代男女平等的巅峰,法律甚至规定对女性非常轻微的性骚扰都可以判重型。尽管不是所有女性都愿意走上街头或者声称自己是女权主义者,却没有人愿意放弃对衣服的选择权,重新穿起黑色的***服饰或者缠起自己的小脚。

As Wilson notes,‘fashion is obsessed with gender,defines and redefines the gender boundary’.As feminism movements reflects:the costume was supported by women’s activists and others on the grounds that it was healthy,fostered women’s activists and others on the grounds that showing the beauty and sexy of female was healthy,fostered women’s independence from men by increasing their physical charismatic features.
Feminism 常常被误读为激进和性解放,然而实际上,feminist追求的是更多的选择权,which可以理解为与男人享有同样的权利,当然包括对服饰和妆容的选择权。
According to Entwistle, Joanne.