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Vocab Sentences Unit 4

1. In 1457, the Egyptians used to have a specific process of mummification and they used to take out the atrophy and throw them in a jar.
2. As I was playing my new video game, I entered the bastion with grief and immediately got shot.
3. A spirit of concord was restored when my financial adviser had gave me my paycheck.
4. My power points that I make for my job, as an employer at a huge company, are works of consummate artistry.
5. When I came home from work, my house was in a state of disarray with books and papers all over my floor.
6. The fire put forth exigency in calling the police to come to the house at 12:00pm.
7. When the money transportation truck was exploded from a secretive bomb, pedestrians swarmed all around to collect pieces of flotsam and hoped it was $100 bills.
8. In a frenetic situation, pedestrians run all over and destroy everything that lay’s in their path.
9. At court, the lawyers talk to the victim in the investigation and eventually start to glean the truth.
10. The kids last grouse was that he didn’t get his ice cream cone that his mom promised him after dinner.
11. The show, Prison Break, Lincoln Burrows was incarcerated for murder that he did not do.
12. Voting on election, day was incumbent for all of the democratic that believe in Barack Obama.
13. At lunch time, me and my friends make fun of each other but in the end were just being jocular.
14. Mr. Levine’s ludicrous statement made all of the kids in…