Essay on Levis: Marketing and Tight Fitting Jeans

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As Ray have mentioned, the old strategies Levi's been using for decades did not work so well after the 2000s, what are the possible ways Levi's could change to save its falling sales
The current strategy they have adopted focused on the marketing mix, the 4ps we we have talked about in class, product attributes, pricing strategy, place,which is the distribution channel, and promotions.We all know that difference race has physical differences. Just like in this example, women having the same height have difference demands for the leg length of jeans and different shape designs. Levis'specifically tailored its products according to different body types and sociocultural differences. Jeans are made shorter for the Asian consumers, roomier for South Africa and Islamic countries, since people like in Turkey are discouraged from wearing tight fitting jeans. On the other side, tight fitting jeans are very popular. Climate is also a factor they account for. For example, jeans tend to be made with lighter denim and brighter colors Hotter countries, and standard weight material in northern Europe.
Levi's also uses price discrimmination strategy to various mkts through different distribution channels. In competiive markets like U.S., jeans are as low as $25 and are sold in mass-market discount retailors like walmart. In India, strong growth is driven by Lev's low priced signiture brand. Very differently, Levi's jeans are viewed as high fashion items which are generally sold for $50