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Lewis and Clark Thing
1.) Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743. When Jefferson was president, he bought the Louisiana territory in 1803 from france for 15 million dollars. Since no one knew about the new territory that was just purchased, Jefferson asked
Meriwether Lewis to bring an expedition west of the Mississippi River, taking note on all new species, plants,animals and the people of the land. Jefferson want maps and friendly relationships with the Native Americans in the area.
2.) Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18,1744. Lewis was a soldier and was part of the militia that ended the Whiskey Rebellion. The military is where Lewis met William Clark, who would soon be his best friend, in which they go on a famous expidition west of the Mississippi River, which would go on as a legacy in the history books.In 1801 Thomas Jefferson asked Lewis to lead an expiditon west of the Mississippi River. Lewis agreed only if his old military friend William
Clark could join the expedition and become co­commander of the task at hand.
Thomas Jefferson agreed, and so Lewis and clark explored the Louisiana territory and eventually made it to the Pacific Ocean in 1805. Once Lewis and clark returned they were hailed heroes. Lewis was made the governor of
Louisiana and later died in 1809 due to an unknown cause.
3.) William Clark was born on August 1 1711. Clark joined the military as a militia man and then became a soldier of the U.S. Army. In the military Clark met
Meriwether Lewis who would soon invite him on one of the most known expeditions in the world. In 1776 Clark resigned from the military and ran his estate. In 1803 Clark received a letter from Lewis asking him to join an expedition into the west of the Mississippi River. Clark accepted, his curiosity of what the new land was like got him. The two embarked on their expedition in 1803 in St.
Louis Missouri. Clark was an excellent mapmaker, so he made most of the maps on there way through the Louisiana territory, since he was an experienced soldier and outdoorsman Clark helped figure out which route the expedition should take.
In 1805 the team made it to the Pacific ocean,When finally reaching home Clark got married and became the Governor of Missouri. Clark had a loyal dog throughout the adventure that helped him out alot. The dog’s name was Seaman.
4.) Sacagawea was born on 1778. She was captured by an enemy tribe and was sold to the French Canadian trapper,
Toussaint Charbonneau, who made her his wife. In november 1804, she was invited to join the Lewis and Clark expedition as a shoshone interpreter, she accepted. On the trips Sacagawea was very helpful, she told which herbs were used to heal wounds and which food was edible or not. In 1805 she had a baby. Sacagawea led the group through routes shen knew and ,even one time when a boat flipped over she jumped in and saved all

the valuable resources, When the expedition reached the Pacific Ocean she was given a choice to vote where to set up the expedition winter site, This is one of the first recorded time when a woman was allowed to vote. When the Lewis and
Clark expedition ended not much is known to what happened to Sacagawea it is to be believed that she died at for Manuel a few months after giving birth to her daughter. 5.) Lewis and clark travel up the Missouri River by canoe.One of their most perilous parts of the journey was the Great Falls, they would have to go down the falls without drowning. Clark scouted with 5 men to find a safe route. The rapids were very dangerous and even today is still dangerous. On the way down the falls
Sacagawea,her son and Clark, almost drowned in a hail storm that washed out their ship, important documents were lost, but at least they survived. Eventually the group made it to the shoshone and asked for horses.
6.) Lewis and Clark have just found the shoshone and now needed horses more than ever. Clark had found