Leyla Acaroglu Analysis

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In the Ted Talk called Paper Beats Rock, with Leyla Acaroglu, she speaks about the environmental sustainability and the impact of consumption by buying products that could be good or bad for the environment. Leyla Acaroglu also spoke about creating better and more efficient designs, which is a positive factor for consumers to use in their homes. Leyla Acaroglu, also gave an example that compares and contrast with the following; wasted food and refrigerators, phones, and more. Firstly, in the Ted Talk Leyla Acaroglu talks about wasted food and refrigerators.Leyla Acaroglu the speaker at the Ted Talk spoke about being that refrigerators are getting bigger and especially in the United States are wasting up to 40% of food in the refrigerator. With totals from around the worlds, the food that we grow and sell half of it is wasted, which is a major problem, according to Leyla Acaroglu. …show more content…
Next, another subject Leyla Acaroglu speaks about is phones. Phones are becoming a valuable resource, as well as a wasted product. It can be a valuable resource because you can remove valuable things inside the phone like gold for example.Leyla Acaroglu, claims that there is more gold in phones than in a ton of gold ore. Also, Leyla Acaroglu explains phones can be valuable because it’s cheaper to get the gold too. One reason why phones are becoming a wasted product explains Leyla Acaroglu, because “52 million phones are being thrown out, and 11 percent of those phones are being recycled”. To conclude, even though Leyla Acaroglu explains a few more topics, but her point was to prove that the world is being wasteful instead of becoming resourceful, and if the world can start to come up with different ideas and designs the earth can become a cleaner and more efficient place to live