Video Game Violence Research Paper

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Shay Earl English 10 Lg 6 Essay
15038 “Video Game Violence”

The question over the past few years has been a very important question, that question is, do video games cause a person to actually be violent? Video games have been a growing industry over the past few years and are getting more and more popular. This question is that video games either do or do not cause an individual to be a violent person.

Many people are not sure what to believe when it comes to video games violence and don’t really understand the full problem at hand here. Although these games have in the past been blamed for school shootings, increasing in bullying and violence towards women, it doesn’t mean the games are the whole problem. They could be a contributing factor to the problem but are not the one essential reason that these people are violent. Other things can be blamed on people’s violence such as family problems and bad things that have happened in the past. These games may only be a tiny part of an individual’s violence depending on the person. In fact violent video games can be good as well. They can be a way of blowing off a person’s anger or steam and can relax people also they provide entertainment and a way of escaping reality. These games can also get rid of one’s anger so therefore they do not take out anger on other people. As shown here this site states that violence has decreased but game popularity has risen.” Violent juvenile crime in the United States has been declining as violent video game popularity has increased” (Do violent videogames contribute to youth violence?). As it shows here the games might not even be the problem.

There are also reasons why people think these violent video games are bad. But it depends on how you look at the problem. For example these violent video games even award the player points for causing more destruction or violence. The games also encourage people to be more violent in the games by saying things such as “nice shot”, etc. This can also help in teaching kids to be violent and let them learn how to use guns and weapons .This is not a good thing for some of these kids that shouldn’t be playing these types of violent games. So parents are also part of this issue, because some of these parents let their small children play these games when they shouldn’t be. It’s okay for kids to play them when the parents feel that they are mature enough to handle the violence and take it more seriously than some other kids do. So it is not only just the games that might be causing this video game violence conflict. As shown here is also a reason people are against these games. “Critics of violent video games argue that playing violent video games desensitises players to real life violence and is responsible for the increasing rate of bullying” (Do violent videogames contribute to youth violence?). Although many deny these effects these people who are denying this are people who also play violent video games.

There are also people stopping things from getting done about this problem. Such as people saying that they cannot place the blame on the games because it is the people committing the crimes and they have no evidence to place the blame on the actual games and the game companies. Even facts won’t really change the problem since there are two sides or opinions to the problem. This problem would be very hard to solve with so many different opinions on the problem. Many people either deny or agree that video game violence affects people. Even studies have been done saying that games increase aggressive thoughts. “These studies show that