LGBT Kids Essay

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The adoption of children by (LGBT) couples is an issue of active debate across the united states of America. Not every couple is able to have children, yet many couples want children society today looks at homosexuals adopting children in many negative ways. Society neglects the positive factors that can come from homosexual couples adopting children. Im an supporting advocate to homosexual couples adopting. I plan to inform my readers on the important factors good and bad when it comes to homosexual couples and adoption. A single homosexual person may adopt in all 50 states and the district of Columbia. Although, they’re only 23 states where homosexuals may adopt children jointly wih their partners; that equals out to be 27 states where gay couples cant adopt children. All homosexual people are very complex in difference from one to another, although Society argues that homosexual relationships are often unstable and the most homosexuals are promiscuous. Leaving it questionable on the stability of the relationship when it comes to raising a child. But did you know the united states divorce rate of heterosexual couples with children is above fifty percent. How possibly would you advocate for stable relationships being necessary for adoptions when more than half of heterosexual people with children end with getting a divorce. Although there’s no question a single dad can raise his daughter. Society argue that two men raising a baby girl cannot possibly give her the guidance that a girl needs. There have been numerous studies done that prove there are no differences between children who have been raised by heterosexual couples than those who were raised by homosexual couples . There are so many children in the foster care systems of the united states, I believe it would be better for those children to become adopted by homosexual couples all these foster care children need is a good