Liability Protection

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I will meet my good friend Frank in the Christian section of Barnes and Nobles so we can discuss the pro and cons of having limited liability and or liability protection for his business. I will explain to Frank that the benefits of limited liability is to provide the owners of businesses a way to protect their personal assets. For example, if a business is sued, the person seeking compensation cannot go after the personal property of the business' owners. “Absent the concept of limited liability, individuals would shy away from investing in businesses of any type. The vast majority of individuals would not want to put their personal property at risk by becoming involved in a business enterprise”. (Broemmel, n.d.) I will ask Frank the same …show more content…
As long as a business owner incorporates their company, they will automatically be given liability protection. “Without being incorporated, the business owner is 100% on the hook for business obligations, debts, contractual liability and any events associated with business activity. Once you incorporate, you separate the business from personal affairs and you have a degree of protection”. (Liability Protection, 2015) From a Christian Worldview, liability protection is a form of insurance. Some believe that only those who lack faith would seek protection by insurance. But insurance does not prevent accidents. It is merely a means of compensating one’s family or others in the event of a loss so that they can be financially stable. To my knowledge, it does not state anywhere in the bible that we will live hazard free lives. The bible speaks about insurance in multiple books, but one book in particular talks about having a plan. Proverbs 27:12, clearly states that “a prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences”. According to the definition of liability protection and the biblical view on insurance, I do not think it is wrong for Frank to use a business organization form that provides for liability