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Purpose of Visit and Results

Purpose of the visit was to research the problems that is fast evolving giving many drivers the choice of shutting out other sounds of the road. Many cars are sound proofed to block out other noises of the road. Then all cars have radios and options for playing CDs or cassettes. And people have the option of shutting out the world with the help of their earphones, not to speak of the problems created by mobile phones.

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Purpose of the visit was to research the Emergency vehicle safety.
Results: Emergency service vehicles need safety and fluent paths to save time. In this paper, a centralized traffic control mechanism is proposed for the evacuation of vehicles that drive toward the dedicated path of the emergency vehicles (EV), e.g. ambulance, fire engines, police cars, etc, using the dedicated short range communications (DSRC) protocol.
Chung-Ming Huang; Chia-Ching Yang; Chun-Yu Tseng; Chou, C.-H.A., "A Centralized Traffic Control Mechanism for Evacuation of Emergency Vehicles Using the DSRC Protocol," Wireless Pervasive Computing, 2009. ISWPC 2009. 4th International Symposium on , vol., no., pp.1,5, 11-13 Feb. 2009 doi: 10.1109/ISWPC.2009.4800550 Purpose of the visit was to research was to see how many cars have been in wrecks with police vehicle’s

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