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Shelby Cofer
ENG 100 A13
30 September 2014
Literacy Narrative Final I step inside my first class of the day which is English, I look and English 100 it says on the syllabus but my only thought is what am I doing here? I felt so confused because I took advanced placement English classes in high school but now in college I’m taking a developmental course that doesn’t even count as credit. I started looking back at my academic career and then I realized I was let down by the education system, my teachers, and most importantly myself. Before I even try to place blame on anyone I go back to the very beginning. But honestly I don’t even remember learning how to read but I’m pretty sure it was my family that taught me because I entered school being able to read. In elementary school I excelled in reading classes, often being the one called on to read out loud and to do special projects. My parents were so proud of my reading abilities and would often brag to others about it. At that age I couldn’t get enough of reading it exposed me to many different things and I couldn’t wait to open a book and enter a new world.
Middle School was the period when my relationship with reading started to change. Most of the subject matter didn’t interest me, but on top of that the English classes had the same routine. The world that reading once put me in wasn’t there and it had an adverse effect on me. Another factor in my change in reading would be the teachers I had.