Libel and Slander Case Essay

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In Los Angeles a jury awarded twenty million dollars to an already billionaire, Steve Wynn. He won his slander suit against the “girl’s gone wild” creator Joe Francis. This was a four day trial focused on a threat. Francis' was calming that Wynn threatened his life over a gambling debt which was supposedly seen by the music producer Quincy Jones. This all started with a gambling problem by Joe Francis and a debt he crated at Steve Wynn’s casinos. Francis is calming there are no debt and no problem. Wynn then sued Francis saying he was wreaking his reputation During an interview with Good Morning America Francis talked about the emails and described them saying that Wynn wrote, “I’m going to hit to him in the back of the head with a shovel and have him buried in the middle of the desert.” Francis then said that "I was afraid for my life. He made it very clear that he wanted to kill me.”(From the Abc news article) This interview was costly for Francis, it cost him elven million dollars out of the twenty million that was awarded to Wynn. Francis could still be hit with sixty million dollars in punitive damages in total that is eighty million about half of his net worth. Francis says he thinks the verdict will be overturned because of errors. While if Wynn wins all the money he says he will not keep but give it away to charity. In this court case I do agree with the verdict. Francis making false accusations about murder on Wynn behalf is very serious. If people