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LEFT!!!! (Liberal)

Well, you are right in a sense. It's not over yet. But it appears to me that this "good cop-bad cop" sort of situation allows for a non-violent outcome by giving Assad an option (dealing with Russia instead of the US) while Obama keeps the pressure on by continuing to ask Congress and the American people for a military strike. The other countries in the Middle East may accept Russia's intervention better than ours, and although Obama has to take a huge hit politically for pushing what we don't want, he knows that he is going to catch a lot of crap no matter what he does and what the outcome is.

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RIGTH!!! (Conservative)

Silence can speak more loudly than words. As if it were not evident already, it is clear that their concern has little to do with humanity and overwhelmingly to do with their political ties and affiliations. "Please put a heaping, steaming pile of Socialism on my plate please." A glaringly positive indicator that the country is going in the right direction is when we are unfortunate enough to hear these leftist activists spout off. If they're upset, give us more of that! I think my advice to the next conservative candidate would be, give Hollywood a collective hernia, and I'll vote for you.

First you have to know what justice is before you can associate it with politics and bend the results.
Holder hasn't got a clue. In politics today, it's survival of the unfittest -- elected by the unfittest, who are the rulingawzgrza class of today!!! he does. That's why he works so Close to The Litigious Federal Horns. Yet another one of Cowboy BOB's (dangerous, too) Rodeo Clowns.
Micheal Gerson
Michael John Gerson (born May 15, 1964) is an op-ed columnist for The Washington Post, a Policy Fellow with the ONE Campaign a visiting fellow with the Center for Public Justice, and a former senior