Essay on Liberal Arts and Vocational Studies

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Phillip Franco
September 15, 2014
Setting the Path of Your Career

Growing up we all have the dream of becoming successful, and achieving greatness. Going to college is step on, at least for some people. There are many different methods of receiving an education and getting a job. Many people however are willing to get through school as fast as possible just so they can get a job and make money. There are two steps into achieving an education, you could be in vocational studies, or a liberal arts studies. In “Preparing for a Career” by Derek Bok he believes that the liberal arts institutions do not instruct enough vocational studies and just try to get students in and out of college. One things that would benefit the students and schools with their curriculum could be to merge vocational studies and liberal arts studies. Bok was a multiple school student who received degrees from all of them. He than served as a professor, and then dean of the school afterwards.
Bok’s idea is actually very clever. The idea of merging both liberal arts and vocational studies could change student’s thoughts of school completely. Instead of students being focused on just getting in and out of school, the students will have a much better education leading them into the real world. Vocational studies take you through a longer process to achieving your certain profession. People who are in vocational studies could vary from doctors and engineers.
Liberal Arts degree programs can mean a shorter time period of school. Usually you get a BA leading you to a profession. The school is not so intense and you don’t have to stay eight
Franco ii or nine years for school. Usually in liberal art colleges you stay a max of 4 years and you receive your degree for your desired major.
Both degree plans are useful and beneficial. Of course they differ greatly at the end you receive a great education. The whole reason for this is so students receive an education. Both colleges however do not provide the same line of studies. Of course however, the merging of the two would provide better results. Students now a days want to go…