Essay on Liberal Arts Breadth and My Education

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Liberal Arts Breadth and My Education
There are many benefits to getting a Liberal Arts degree in today’s economic market. It is a message to your employer that you are willing to take on new information, and learn more then what is necessary to succeed. It shows initiative and the ability to expand your horizons beyond yourself. In a Liberal Arts education there is more purpose then just learning the career field of choice. It is a program that teaches critical thinking and self-thought. It teaches the student how to learn and teach themselves, to achieve more than just memorization of facts.
In the Ottawa University Liberal Arts degree they have four breadth areas that are required for
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These classes are generally self-explanatory; everyone knows what a science class is. The manual mentions this category as, “area for facts and looking at how things work together in structured and orderly ways.”
I have always been exceptional in this category. It was recommended I move up a grade in these sections in high school. The end result being I was in Calculus and Physics by my junior year in high school. While, I was good at these subjects they were never my passion. I also had issues with the memorization of formulas and theorems. I have never been a learner by memorization.
I completed these areas with Intro to Biology for Non Majors and Personal Community Health. I have also taken CPR and many computer classes. While, I may not have a passion for science in math I enjoy computers. I completed Word I, II, Excel I, II, Access I, II, PowerPoint, Intro to Computers and XHTML and CSS. I quickly pick up program platforms and enjoy poking around new software. The completion of these courses acquired me a Personal Computers Applications Specialist Certificate alongside my Associates Degree in General Studies at Johnson County Community College.

According to the official curriculum laid out by the school the subjects that fill this area is Art, Ethics, Foreign Language, Dance, Literature, Philosophy, Culture and Religion studies. The