Liberal Feminism Essay

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Since as far back as I can remember I have felt that I knew my place in the world as a young woman. I grew up in a home where the women had to work hard at a job as well as maintain the house hold and raise the children. My mother was usually complaining about how tired she was which made me want a better life for myself. I noticed the differences between men and women and the way we were treated and viewed within society very early on. Believing in myself and hard work I viewed women’s issues as only another hurdle to overcome. Anything can be obtained with hard work and constant progress. So far in my life I’ve had equal if not better career and life experiences than my male peers. Feminism is very important to continue to progress as a race but I do believe change can be obtained peacefully and logically. Liberal feminism reform is a peaceful and promotes personal freedom for females. Liberalists believe in women choosing the life they would like to live freely and without restraints. There are many different interpretations of freedom according to liberal feminists, so there are many different forms liberal feminism can take. Classic liberal feminists believe that these equalities of the sexes are our rights as human being. Liberal feminism is more passive and works to bring political and social justice to women. Radical Feminism is a more aggressive way to look at the challenges that women face in the world. Radical feminists believe that the world operates in a patriarchy system thus leaving all the power to men. These thinkers believe that the world is based on the “male supremacy” assumption and thus strive to change that. Radical feminists point the finger at men as a whole unlike liberals who find the flaw in the legal system, or class conflict. Radical feminists want change and they want it now. They do not settle for eventually or making small achievements they want extreme measures to be taken in order to generate the attention and possibly more results. With several different interpretations of the liberal feminist’s movement, there are many individuals with strong views. Susan Moller Okin is a liberal feminist who wrote about her opposition to some of the liberal views. She claims that some of the literature written about feminism was written in the male perspective and makes wrongful assumption.