Libertarian Advantages

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The Libertarian Party has always been an underdog in the political realm of the United States, but that has never stopped it from making strides to promote its political agenda. Whether it is working to gain ballot access in all fifty states or pushing to be represented in televised debates, the party continues to work, gaining more and more legitimacy in the political world. The Libertarian Party has faced setbacks from the two party system and even from the federal government itself. Though the Libertarian has faced challenges and been held back from making a strong showing in elections, the party has never died out and continues to be a presence in the world of politics on local, state, and national levels.
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The party was first established in December of 1971 by a group of concerned citizens who felt that politicians had lost sight of America’s original goals and values. The founders’ main goal was simply to allow people to do what they wanted to do in the way they thought best for themselves. In short, the goal of the Libertarian Party was to make the United States a free country in the purest sense (Bergland 18)
The Libertarian Party has been fighting an uphill battle since its official establishment nearly 45 years ago. In 1978, the party reached a major milestone when Dick Randolph was elected to the Alaska state legislator, making him the first Libertarian candidate elected to a public office. From that point forward, the party’s popularity has grown exponentially as the number of candidates across the nation has increased. Votes have accumulated to millions all over the country with more and more people voting for Libertarian candidates every election season
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The party promotes very distinct beliefs and plays important roles in America’s political realm, including inciting political change through legislation. Though the party is vastly different from the Republican and Democratic, it is still growing in members at an exponential rate and continues to rise in popularity all over the nation. If all these factors are considered, it is simply only a matter of time before the Libertarian Party sees its first President of the United