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Mia McLee
English 848 Section AE
September 23, 2013
CSM Library A school without a library is unthinkable these days. The library has books on various subjects, newspapers, journal, magazines and some even have DVDs as well. Students, those especially who want to add to their knowledge, go to the library in their vacant periods and study. Some campuses have a huge or even no library, luckily CSM has a good sized and helpful library. The CSM library is located straight ahead when entering the front of the campus. It’s in between the gym building eight and college center building ten. A library can add to students knowledge more than students think, it’s a very helpful resource throughout school.
There are two levels to the library which means there is always a quiet spot somewhere that students may find useful to study. Throughout both levels there are desks with borders for those students who need nothing to distract them. Also those desk are located in between book shelves which makes it quieter to study. Rather than the college center or some labs may be too loud for some individuals to study, but the library is a perfectly quiet place to get done what’s needed.

The resources throughout the library are incredible. There’s books everywhere you turn that are very useful. The books are organized very neatly, each in its own sections. The books are arranged by call numbers. Not only are the books good resources, there are classes in the library, also English as second language program for those students who need improvement. Different web services throughout the library, also has college reserves students may schedule.
If confused or unsure about something there will always be a librarian on the floor to help students out. The school librarians are trained and qualified persons who are well-experienced. They gives advice to students on the choice of books for a topic. They understand their duty well and