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Follow this self-directed exercise step-by-step. It will lead you to credible research materials, including peer-reviewed journals, appropriate for your assignment in Dr. Gilmore’s class. These online resources are available 24/7 to currently registered FSCJ students.

Log in to Connections.

Under My Home, scroll to Quick Links / College Website Links / Instruction on the left of the screen and then click on Library/Learning Commons (LLC).
This will open a “one-stop shopping” search interface. Your name should appear in the upper right corner of the screen.
Troubleshooting: If instead of your name you see Guest, click on Log In to the right of Guest. If your name still does not appear, ask for assistance.

Searching for All Materials on a Subject in the Library Collection / Using Limiters

Type the keywords zora neale hurston voodoo in the search box.
NOTE: remember that your research assignment is not to write about zombies, voodoo, or a specific urban legend per se. However, you will want to inform yourself about those topics in order to write intelligently about the assigned life stories in which those topics played key roles.

Click on Search to retrieve a list of books, articles, e-books, DVDs, etc., retrieved by your search.

Look along the left side of the results list at the icons (thumbnail pictures) that indicate what type of material or format each item is.

You can use Refine My Results (in the left sidebar) to separate out specific types of materials in your results.
Under Refine My Results click on Book to see just the books in the list.

In the list of books, locate Zora in Florida, and give the following information:

Note: This is the information you would use to cite this book as a source in a research paper (with the exception of the call number, which is not used in citations):

Title: Zora in Florida

City: Orlando, Gainesville, FL Publisher: University Presses of Florida distributor
(Note: you do not need to include University Presses of Florida, the distributor)
Creation/Publication date: c1991/
Call number*: (PS3515 .U789 Z955 1991)
*Hint: The Details section is helpful in identifying many of the answers but not the call number. The call number is in parentheses in the line that begins with Available or Checked out. The call number is the book’s “address” and is what you use to locate it on the shelf.

The chapter in this book titled “Text and Personality in Disguise and in the Open” by Kathleen Hassall is about which work by Zora Neale Hurston? (Check the correct answer)

Their Eyes Were Watching God x Dust Tracks on a Road Sweat
(Hint: look near the end of the Notes section under Details; look at the chapter’s subtitle.)

Remove the Book filter so you can look at the other types of material in your search results:
Click on the X to the right of Refined by: Format: Book (above the list of books). The screen will refresh and the original list of all material types will display again.

You can filter these results to show other types of materials as well, such as peer-reviewed articles:
Under Show only on the left sidebar, click on Peer-reviewed Journals.
Important note: A peer-reviewed (or refereed) publication is one in which articles must pass a stringent review by peers of the author (others with expert knowledge of his or her subject). Articles may be accepted, rejected, or returned to the author for revision. Peer-reviewed journals are among the most reliable, academically sound sources for research.

In the results list, locate the peer-reviewed article The Problem of Invisibility: Voodoo and Zora Neale Hurston.
Click Read Article.

Locate the Tools section and click View PDF.
Note: A dialog box will pop up; click on “Accept JSTOR's Terms and Conditions and proceed to PDF”; then the article will open.

Give the following information, which would be included in an MLA citation if you