Lies Behind the Bush's Essay

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Lies Behind the Bush

Looking back over the past six years, I often ponder what happened to the justice, freedom and equality that America and its fore fathers claimed to hold true. The land of opportunity it has been called; this phrase makes one wonders who is the recipient of such treat. The positive out look of trust in our government officials, political leaders, and heads of states has been tainted. It has been replaced with deception, greed, and lies which all stem from the top down. When one hears of such mistrust and corruption the name President George W. Bush Jr. comes to mind. Mr. Bush has and continues to single handedly contribute for the down pour and ridiculous status that this country is in. I agree with film producer Spike Lee who stated, “This is the worst president in the history of the United States. He’s taken us to hell in a handbag. Even his fellow Republicans are trying to move away (from him)” (Toronto AP p1). In my opinion Americans have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and led a mock by the acts displayed during Iraq War, Katrina Devastation, and every time Mr. Bush opens his pie hole.

The Iraq War is an unnecessary causation of greed and destruction. Many Americans jumped behind Mr. Bush plight after the tragic events that happened on September 11, 2001, when 2 planes collided into the world trade center. We Americans were so confused and displeased as a hold, that we sought vengeance on any nation and in any land. Bush used this to his advantage and wage war with Iraq to fulfill a vengeances his father Bush Sr. wanted many years before. Mr. Bush deceived the American people by stating Iraq had many weapons of mass destructions, hurt woman and children, and hid the persons responsible for the attacks on America. All of the untruths were displayed verbally and visually on television and via news medias during a time of grieving and emotional distress for the American people. We as humans were too grief stricken to see that this “devil’s” only interest was in one of the Nations richest oil reserves. The news slowly began to show us that the weapons Mr. Bush claim that would hurt the American people were old, rusty, and would only leave a few feet off Iraq’s soil. Secondly, the media displayed that is was America who went over to Iraq with it’s soldier who killed women, children , and innocent people…not to mention the young American Soldiers themselves who were dying at an alarming rate for no reason what so ever. Finally, the true kicker for any person who knows that Iraq and al-Qaeda hate one another and would never seek refugee within the same compounds.

On September 5, 2005 Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana residents experienced one of the most horrific feats ever imagined; when a levee burst and flooded their shores. People were without food, shelter, and several lost their lives. The devastation left many dependent on the government for assistance; however, when called out for help, they got injured worst. Mr. Bush claimed he sent soldiers to assess the damages; however, after arriving on the scenes, five days later they greeted the victims as if they were meeting enemies on battlegrounds. The National Guardsmen, sent by President Bush attack the victim’s dignity, pride, liberty, and drew the weapons of them aimed to kill. All because innocent citizens were scared, afraid, and confused after being abandon as if they were savages in the wild. This madness gets “better”, Don Juan himself makes a grand presidential entrance, with the news media at bay stated help was on the way to assist in anyway possible. The help, he spoke of was more National Guardsmen to rough up the “African American looters” and protect the “Caucasian finders”. Spike Lee noted it best, stating “It was so offensive for me to see (President Bush) down there smiling and acting…