Lies In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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Lies weave a web of illusion around those who rely on them to live their life. Lies are an unjust part of humanity and when used often enough the lies become a world in themselves. In Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Biff suffers from living a life that is a lie. When Biff was an adolescent, he discovered that his father had a mistress. Seeing his father with a mistress shattered Biff’s world. The way he repaired his world was through lies to himself and others. From then on, he searched for justice and truth that would more adequately hold his world together. Following the example of his father, Willy, who also lives in a world of lies, after Biff sees his father out right lying he begins to lie as well. At first the lies are small, he lies about passing math when in reality he failed. Biff learns o lie for the same reason as his father, to cover up failure. Biff lies for his father about Willy having a mistress, so that his father can hide his mistakes. As Biff ages, his lies grow up with his failures. Biff lies to his family about the three-month period he was in jail. He lies to hide the fact that he failed in his quest to succeed in the business world. He strives to be a successful businessman even though he is happiest when he works with his hands. The lies that he has surrounded himself with have caused him to create a fake dream and standards that he must live up to, just like his father did. The lies he has told himself that makes him believe he wants to