Life After Life Essay

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Life After Life Finding out if ghosts are real is a very popular phenomenon that people are really intrigued to find out. There are actual professions that let people hunt out these kinds of ghosts. The places ghosts are most found in are abandoned houses, mental asylums and prisons. There are people who believe in ghosts and those who do not. Ghosts can be proven to be real or not through science, human experiences, or a person’s spiritual belief. Others feel that ghosts do not exist in the natural world. It can just be all in ones head that there would be a boogieman in the closet or under the bed, but it is not. It is just ones imagination. Ghosts can not be proven to be real once seen. It can also be compared to believing in God. It is in a complex matter and can be argued in a different discussion but the matter is that believing in something has to be proven through seeing or having actions that prove that something or someone is there. Another skeptical aspect from people that ghosts may not exist, is that most ghost hunting television shows have high views only because of the thrill and suspense that these people might acutally “discover” spiritual life. These professionals that try to capture ghosts, operate gadgets and use their equipment and rely heavily on sounds such as footsteps, squeaks, and voices. Many of them use electromagnectic field detectors or infrared lighting in hopes of any ghost activity. However, even if these contraptions and devices might go off, many people are also inside the place and could just be the people making some kind of noise. Although, if the noise is made again, it does not clearly show that ghost activity was proven. Ghosts exist because it can be proven scientifically. The scientific definition of a ghost is basically defined as “the astral body that was once inside a physical body which the ghost (the astral projection of the astral body) does not occupy his physical body anymore.” Through Einstein’s law of conservation of energy, matter can not be destroyed nor created. This means that “when a person dies, their energy is released, and when a person’s soul stays behind for a certain reason, like a sudden death, the energy around them that has been released from a certain thing, can be used to create a body of energy.” When ghost hunters use electromagnetic field detectors to find ghost activity, the frequencies that they find happen to be the ghost. Through the energy that is being released, ghosts give off electro magnetic field (EMF) that can be found in located areas that should not appear North in the compass. Through EMF’s and Einstein’s law of energy, ghosts are proven to exist. When people are skeptical that ghosts do not exist, why is it that a lot of people have had personal experiences with spiritual life among them whether it is recorded or told publicly? Many still believe that people who record or present it publicly, gets it in ones head and scare them. Researching about ghosts intrigued me into watching videos of other people encountering ghosts among them. There is a video online about a girl talking into the camera alone in the room when all of a sudden the door behind her had slammed really hard. It is hard to believe that there was also no wind that had blown the door shut. This happening had shocked her and was frightened and left the room panicking. It is just weird how out of no where the door behind her slams not only shuts but slams without any wind blowing it away. If that happened to anyone else, they would more likely be frightened than not mind it at all. Jon Li, a friend of mine, once encountered a ghost right when he woke up from his sleep. He had slept through the night when he suddenly woke up at around 3 in the morning. As he opens his eyes, a wild looking person with a monster-devil face, 5 feet off the ground was hovering over his face. Jon Li was paralyzed from top to bottom. He was so afraid that he was not able to move any part of