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Carlos Aguirre
Introduction to Literature
Homework #2
“A Rose for Emily”
Professor D Coulter
1- The plot elements of “A Rose for Emily” are not conveyed to the reader in a traditional chronological order. Identify ten important plot events the story and create a time line which shows when they would have occurred if the story had been told in a traditional time order.

The story itself is break down in five sections. Each section demonstrates a different event in Miss Emily’s life.
Section one. We found out the she had die. The neighbor’s reaction towards her death. Questioning about what the house looks like inside. Since no one was allowed to enter the property for at least ten years. From being an up-scale vicinity, to an old and forgotten property. We can see that Miss Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care; a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town. She faces the officials from her town with the duty of not paying her taxes. Miss Emily here is describing in a monstrous appearance. “She looked bloated, like a body long submerged in motionless water”. It’s a description of some being left behind. No one cares.

Section two. Mentioned Mr. Grison’s death and her later on sweetheart. There’s a decision made by a Judge “Stevens” on her behalf, he didn’t want the neighbors to confront her just because the small that is coming from her house. Her family members from Alabama. Noticed that her father chased the guys out because they were not quite good enough for her. I believe that one of the big issues here is Miss Emily not accepting her father’s death after three days.
Section three. Her lover comes along. Now she is over thirty years of age and it’s probably her first encounter with a man. Her mind its open now to a new begging. But for her surprise and for us the readers this man seems to be “gay” or “ homosexual” always want to be around man and not really interested in marriage. Miss Emily is not willing to give up and wants to keep this man at any price. She presents herself at the drugstore with authority and demanding to buy poison. She’s been told that the law requires the need for it, the pharmacist writes “for rats”.

Section four.
The town think she might “kill herself” they thought it will be the best for her. Some ladies criticized for her driving around with Homer in his buggy. They thought it’s was very inappropriate for them to do so. Now they are calling her family members in Alabama and also complaint against her faith” Episcopal”. We see Homer coming back to town and entering Emily’s house through the back door went the housekeeper guy opens the door. But after that day the neighbors has not seen her. Everybody assumes Homer has left her. The very end of this section Emily dies.

Section five.
The cousins came to arranged her funereal. Mean while the house keeper man has left the house as well. Maybe feeling his freedom from being at this particular place for such a long time or even maybe running way for something?
Curiously after her funeral they came to the house to enter a room that it was not been seeing for forty years, and which would be force to open. Everything seems to be well organized in the room; the elements the Emily bought for Homer were there, including the body of Homer and the poison that Emily has bought.
The body was found in a position that it made us believe that she was sleeping with him. He was in the position of embrace, the second pillow had an indentation of a head and where a silver-gray hair was found. Early in the story Miss Emily’s hair was described as sliver-gray hair.

A time line.
Mr Grierson dies around 1880-92
Emily Grierson was born in 1864 and die 1938
Colonel Sartoris dies 1915
Emily received the city personal f for her past due taxes 1925
Emily meets homer 1894-96. She starts dating Homer with rumors sleeping around, going out her…