Interdependence In Nature Research Paper

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We have discussed many topics throughtout this year in biology. Some of the topics were evolution, structure and function and science/technology &society. But the topic I feel was present throughout the curriculum is interdependence in nature. Living organisms rarely exist alone in nature. Organisms must interact together to live successfully. In nature, there is a food chain and if anything disrupts the food chain, one species may overpopulate or one species may die out. In nature, everything depends on another thing. If one step in the process doesn’t happen, then the following steps won't occur. And nature would fall apart. Nature follows a motto of "survival of the fittest". The species who are best adapted to the conditons will thrive where weaker species may die out. Also, species sacrifice their weaker ones so their species can strengthen. It is all a system of dependence. Everything depends on everything else for both survival and prosperity. A fish eats some seaweed. Then a crab eats that fish. And then a bigger fish eats the crab and a shark eats the big fish. But what if all the seaweed disspeared? The small fish would die off and it would cause all the other species to slowly die out also. Make one small change to something in nature and you are at risk of completely destroying the entire system. Everything in the world, no matter what it is, depends on something else for its existence. Basically, any organism would not be here if there were no other