Essay on Life as We Know It

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Each and everyday we get up in the morning and go through our daily routines. We go through all the motions we usually go through, sometimes faster sometimes slower. We also go to school, work, some of us even volunteer. While we are at work or at school we are around people whether it be our co-workers or our classmates. We all play a role and have our own scripts. Think of us as actors on a great stage. This is what Erving Goffman defined as the presentation of self. A persons efforts to create specific impressions in the minds of others. Think about it, we do this every day! There are many elements of presentation of self that include Performances, Nonverbal Communication, Gender and Performances, Idealization, and Embarrassment and Tact. Regardless of who you are you have experienced these elements. For example, a presidential candidate has to dress very presentably. They must look respect but also look like their apart of the people and be relatable. They should have a strong voice that will capture your attention. In photos they should look strong and determined which gives his people faith and hope. Their demeanor should show restrictions such as putting their feet on the table at functions or swearing at their opponent at debates. They must look approachable and not like someone who you wouldn't stop and talk to while walking down the street. They must show care and compassion for their people and treat them they way that they should be treated. They must be able to