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Descriptive writing: City centre!

Hiss went the pink sizzling hot dogs as they landed onto the boiling hot grill beginning to turn a light brown. The warming sensation drifted up everyone’s small nostrils like a colourful kite drifting up into the day time sky. Biting into the deliciously refreshing hot dog the amazing feeling of it fulfilling our hunger was sensational! It was like it danced around in our stomachs like a ballet dancer.
However the loud noises of the tiny children screaming, booming and yapping whilst happily running around in the refreshingly cold fountains went through us like a sharp knife slicing through a large chocolate cake. The children were running around like headless chickens. Although seeing the mini humans have so much fun was actually tempting the rest of us to go and join in.
Thud, thump. The child threw a gigantic tantrum, noisily refusing to move from the lamppost he was firmly holding onto. Angrily thumping his tiny feet like a heavy elephant at his mother. Whilst she hopelessly tries to pull him a long, as well as push another young boy in the squeaky pram.
On the other hand the happy shoppers were waltzing in and out, in and out of the very busy shoe shop. Howling at the incredibly cheap prices of the on offer shoes. Everyone knew about the new summer sale, I can see that news travel pretty fast. You could feel the tension coming from the bored, impatient and fidgety people, whilst queuing in the extremely large line.
Speaking of impatience the bus stop was getting awkwardly crowded. The unpleasant smell of sweat wafted past peoples nostrils, making them want to be physically sick. The small children were getting agitated, mardy and very unhappy. The bus was overly late and the bus riders were starting to angrily complain.
Likewise the vile smelling bins were beginning to overflowing. Dirty rubbish started to fall out onto the cold, hard concrete floor like leaves falling out of a tree in autumn. The gentle breeze softly pushed the empty wrappers