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My life challenge I came from a family who struggled just to put food on the table, before i was born my dad moved to the U.S. to make more money and to give us a better future. He worked in many jobs and up to three jobs a day just to send money back home so my mother could take care of us. When my dad raised enough money to buy us resident passes to the U.S. we moved to a small trailer home in the city of Coachella. I was barely going to the first grade and I did not know anyone and didn’t speak English. Neither did my older sister and older brother who I think had more trouble because they started to learn things that were not like what they learned in Mexico. I later realized that half the students were immigrants like me and were also learning the language and traditions of the U.S. It did not take long to make new friends and start a new life.
Throughout school I realized how good the community was and also how bad it could be. As a child I always wanted to become a police officer, I always admired how cops protected the people and fought crime. I still hold that desire to one day become a police officer and patrol the streets I grew up on and protect the people who keep this community a pleasure to live in. My family has always supported me throughout school and decisions I made such as becoming a police officer. My father once told me ‘‘as long as you don't end up like me and instead find something better, i will always be proud of you no matter what.’’ He also said, ‘‘stay in school and look for an interest you will later need in life like a carrier, something you would be passionate about and actually enjoy doing unlike myself.’’ To this day what my dad told me has stuck into my head and even if people say that