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My life changing experience with literacy took place in 2001 in the tenth grade of high school. This event happened during a high school English class I read a book, A Child Called It. It was the first time I finished a book and had an emotional experience too. I have had emotional experiences prior to this event but never thought a book would make me experience this as well. This book opened my eyes to the world around me. I always thought of books to be boring until I read this one. I have never been so interested in a book that I could not put it down. I would usually read a book and within a few pages put it down and never pick it back up again to finish. Reading this book in my tenth grade English class helped me to focus more on my writing also. After reading this book, when writing essays for my teacher, I would try to be very detailed and interesting so my teacher would be interested in my writing, and in hope that I would get a good grade. I feel I progressed in my writing using more powerful words and being able to write two or three pages without losing my train of thought. Ever since I read that book I have always had an interest for writing. I would write a journal almost every day about how my day went. I felt it helped me deal with stress a lot better also. This book really inspired me to read because of all the different novels out there that explain different types of information that take place in the world we live in.
I now feel pretty confident with literacy. It was life changing to me because that book, is what opened my eyes to writing in a whole other way. The only struggle I may have is trying to inspire others with reading or writing because I know how it is to not want to read and it is hard to inspire people who are not interested with literacy.
This experience I encountered had an effect on me. It gave me the inspiration to write and when I feel down and out writing helps me to relieve some of the stress in my daily life. I feel this helped me to grow with literacy because I never liked to read or write even though I knew how and was pretty good at it; I was never intrigued by it. I have learned that even though you may not be interested in literacy, it is a way to get our emotions out without having to stress