Life Choices / Sexuality Essay

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Potential Topics:
1. Should children be raised by gay couples?
2. Should the US send military to other countries?
3. Is it a smart decision to prevent war?
4. Should the US have a draft?
5. Should gay marriage be legal? 10:41am
Yes: democracy and fairness not to penalize people’s life choices/ sexuality and parenting are two separate issues/ how would this be enforced? Sexuality and parenting have absolutely no relationship. Sexuality is based on hopefully mutual consent between two adults whereas parenting, sometimes the result of sexuality, is about an adult or two adults raising a child or several children. Generally speaking children and parents discuss sexuality as little as possible because it is so awkward. Since sexuality and parenting is not mutually exclusive, gay and lesbian people can also raise children. Gay and lesbian people should absolutely be allowed to raise children because it would be unfair to deny people the ability to positively influence the next generation and it would be impossible and unbeneficial to enforce gay people not raising children. The first reason gay and lesbian people should be allowed to raise children is that everyone deserves the ability to positively influence the next generation. Being gay does not make one a bad person, nor does it automatically make someone a good person. People are people; we all have cracks and flaws and wonderful things about us. Everyone who is willing to put in the hard work of raising another human being and has the resources and desire to do so, should be allowed to. Gay and lesbian people will give their children the ability to see how unfair life can be toward minority people and teach their children to have respect and understanding for the struggles of minority groups. In addition, they will teach their children that love, above all, is what really makes people family. Although the opposition may argue that gay and lesbian people will influence their children to be gay, most gay people have straight parents, so that argument is inaccurate. If sexuality in fact was that easy to influence, I doubt many people who choose to be gay. Sexuality is something people arrive at in their lives often regardless of what their parents want. Therefore, sexuality alone should not prevent or deny people who want to and are able to from parenting. The second reason gay and lesbian people should be allowed to raise children is that it would be impossible to enforce gay and lesbians not raising children and, even